Server Plugins for a 1.12 skyfactory Minecraft server

Can someone help me install plugins on my skyfactory server? I’m very new to the server hosting and i don’t know where to start.

Do you host yourself or on a outside machine (renting)?

I rent machine mostly (it’s more practical) for dev server you can find machine for 2$/month) I don’t know how to install version on local host.

Than you should change to one that accept mod and plug-in ( like cauldron), than you just create a plugin files and put your plug-in inside (to configure them, the config files are inside the same plug-in file!)

Can’t find resource pack in folder after compressing to zip!

So I want to use the faithful texture pack but want to use it with hightlighted ores. So to do this i replaced the ores of the faithful pack in the resource pack folder to highlighted ores of a different resource pack. And after i done this i have a folder but when i put the folder in the resource pack folder minecraft crashes. And if i compress it to a zip file it doesn’t show in game, but only inside the folder I can see it.

A resource pack for Java requires a pack.mcmeta in the root of the zip, and a resource pack for Bedrock requires a manifest.json. See here (Java) or here (Bedrock) for details and examples.

How do I make a hopper output to two different hoppers?

I’m trying to get a two furnace auto-smelter in operation, but I can’t figure out how to do it using only one fuel chest and one chest for the smeltables. How can I make a hopper output to two directions at once?

A simple item filter should work. There are plenty of tutorials, this is the most popular –

A hopper cannot output to more than one direction. However, two hoppers can pull from the same double chest. So if your use a double-chest as each input, the hoppers should pull equally from that chest into each furnace.